When one of the largest recycling companies (USA) decided to revamp their shredder sites with electro Magnetic Drums, they approached Birds Recycling Solutions to provide them with the solution.

Birds have developed a range of Permanent and Electro Drum Magnet equipment that have been tried and tested in the most arduous of environments and gained an enviable reputation for reliability and performance. These particular Drums are typically used where magnetic materials may be entrapped or buried beneath non-metallic materials. The Electro-Drums are designed to allow extracted magnetic materials to roll over the face of the drum to release any non-metallic materials that may be caught between the ferrous material and the magnet.

Birds proceeded to offer a magnet design interchangeable with their existing, but cleaner in operation and with a higher intensity primary coil concentrated flux at the point of extraction for better magnetic attraction of the shredded material.

The Birds Drum Magnet design is capable of being fitted within the space restrictions occupied by anyone of our competitors existing Drums. Two Birds 1100x1200 Bi-polar Electro Drum Magnets were purchased by in May 2008, and tested at our premises under conditions of 900F with an attraction range of up to one meter from the Drum.

The Magnet Drums were then despatched and install within a month of each other. Both were tested in operation at extreme conditions of 1280F and both continued to outperform the competition. Since then a further seven Drums for their North America sites.

Birds successfully tendered for the contract and carried out all of the design and manufacturing at its premises based in Long Marston. Deliveries of the Electro Drums were on time and within the quoted price.

Project Duration: May 2008 to March 2010
Drum Value: £27,500.00 Each Nett
Total Project Cost: £247,500.00